Great news for data hungry globetrotters –  we’ve increased our global footprint and introduced some amazing new rates, making affordable roaming easier than ever before. Here’s what’s new for 2024:


Tired of counting the megabytes when traveling abroad? With an unlimited plan from breeze, you can afford to indulge – and never worry about running out of data again. 

Imagine the freedom to share your trip pics, video call back home, or listen to your favorite road trip playlist without dieting on your data or stressing about per/GB roaming charges. 

Or if you fancy a quiet night binging a box-set or gaming that’s a breeze too. Now you can have data on tap whenever you need it.  

Find your unlimited breeze data plan.

Our unlimited data plans are perfect for heavy streamers with a big data appetite. Or anyone who wants the peace of mind that comes with constant connectivity. 

Choose from 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 or 30 days on your breeze unlimited data eSIM, depending on the destination. Great for short business trips, city breaks and family vacations. Or the kind of travel odyssey you can write a novel about when you get home. 

Whether navigating unfamiliar streets, translating menus or sharing adventures with friends and family, we’ve got your back with top-quality connectivity.

Not a big data user? We’ve got a range of other plans available, giving you more choice and better value than ever before. 

See our plans.

Stress free surfing in 190+ countries and the hottest rates under the sun 

With a breeze eSIM, the world is your oyster and your smartphone is your trusty guide. breeze lets you surf global like a local with great deals on the data plan of your dreams. 

And with top quality data in over 190 countries — many with 5G —  breeze is the ultimate travel companion you’ve been waiting for. And we’ve just had some awesome new rates blowing in for 2024, so it costs even less for top quality connectivity on your travels.

First-class tickets to eSIM data paradise

Cheap travel eSIMs aren’t all the same. Only breeze combines competitive rates around the world with a first-class, red carpet experience. We give you top quality connectivity all the way, without breaking the bank.


Get more for less

Mobile data use adds up, especially when you’re abroad. Now your spend stretches further thanks to our budget-friendly prices – letting you buy more GBs for less. 

Choose a right-sized data plan before you leave. You’ll probably want regular access to maps, translation tools and Google searches to help you find your feet. Your standard provider could charge as much as $15 for just one minute on Google Maps — so getting lost in a new city could easily end up costing you hundreds. And that’s before you even think about listening to music, FaceTiming loved ones or posting a story on Insta.

Our guide helps understand how much data you’ll need on your next trip. Don’t stress about it though – you can always top-up if you need extra data.

Where are you headed?

Find your data plan here.

Beach lovers, digital nomads, regular business travelers, intrepid backpackers – we’re making travel data easy for everyone! Join the millions of savvy travelers ditching their old SIM cards and choosing a smarter, easier way to roam. 

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