eSIM 101

The way we communicate is changing, and just like fax machines and pagers did,  the SIM card as we know it will soon become extinct. eSIM is a revolutionary technology that’s changing the way we connect and communicate, offering more flexibility and convenience than ever before. But what exactly is an eSIM, and how does it work? 

eSIM evolution 


What is an eSIM?

The term "eSIM" stands for embedded Subscriber Identity Module. Unlike the physical plastic SIM cards we're used to, eSIMs are built directly into the device. This tiny chip can be integrated into a wide range of devices, from smartphones and smartwatches to tablets and even some laptops.


How does an eSIM Work?

eSIM technology eliminates the need for a physical card to identify and authenticate a user on a cellular  network. Instead,  all the necessary information is programmed and stored digitally on the eSIM chip. 


Benefits of eSIM

1. Seamless connectivity 

Anyone who’s traveled with a cell phone will have experienced signal issues as they move around. With an eSIM, you can easily switch between carriers and available networks without the need for a physical SIM card. This flexibility is particularly beneficial if you’re a frequent traveler, because it means you can seamlessly switch to the strongest network wherever you are.

2. Space saving

eSIMs take up minimal space within a device, allowing manufacturers to design slimmer and more compact devices. It should come as no surprise that Apple is at the forefront of the eSIM revolution, having first introduced eSIM support as far back as 2017.

3. Convenience

Activating a new plan or joining a new network is a breeze with an eSIM. No more fumbling with paperclips or ejector tools to access the SIM card slot, because everything can be done digitally. All it takes is a few simple steps  — just download your code, choose your bundle and go (head to our website for a step by step guide). 

4. Multiple profiles

eSIMs support the concept of multiple profiles on one single chip. This means that a device could have profiles for both personal and work-related connections, for  enhanced organization and an easier work/life balance. 

5. Affordability 

Staying connected abroad has always meant having to deal with huge roaming fees or struggling to connect to insecure, patchy hotel WiFi. With an eSIM, the process is much simpler and more cost effective. 


You can now connect to the most affordable and reliable data network wherever you roam, allowing you to stay connected wherever your journey takes you, without the worry of a huge bill when you return home. 

The future of eSIM

As more device manufacturers and mobile carriers embrace eSIM technology, widespread adoption is expected within the next couple of years. It’s important to note that not all cell phones are set up for eSIM just yet, so if you’re not sure whether your model is compatible check out our list. 

eSIM is reshaping the way we think about mobile connectivity. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or just curious about the future of mobile communication, eSIM is undoubtedly a topic worth keeping an eye on. Watch this space for further updates!

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