Applying to become an Affiliate

How long does it take to get a response?

Approval is instant, so you will be able to get started straight away on promoting your affiliate program!

Are there minimum traffic requirements?

No. You are welcome to apply for the Affiliate Program even if you’re just getting started. We were once a start-up and believe in nurturing new companies and ideas. We do reserve the right to reject affiliates that we feel do not align to the Breeze brand.

Link Generator

How does affiliate link generation work?

Our link generation tool is simple and easy to use. To generate links to specific products or for a particular source of traffic, visit your dashboard once logged in to your account and you'll find options for your campaign in the 'affiliate link' section.

General FAQs

What type of links/ads do you offer to your affiliates?

We offer a selection of text links (text link generator), logos, buttons, badges, and banners. While you’re welcome to use any of these options, we’ve found that our text links offer the best performance. Users are more likely to engage with a link within text/content, where they can go to get more information about the exact bundle they’re reading about.

Do you offer white-label or API solution?

Yes we do. eSIM Go offers the ability to create your own branded MVNO solution with no set-up costs. With the ability to integrate our services directly into your own platform or apps we offer all of the control of a mobile service through a developer-friendly API - Please visit to learn more. You get to set your own retail price and own the customers. Many of our partners start as Breeze affiliates before going onto build their own solution with eSIM Go.

Can I work with other eSIM affiliate programs?

Yes. Because our program is not exclusive, you’re free to work with other affiliate providers in addition to Breeze.

Can I post affiliate links on my social media?

Yes, absolutely you can use our affiliate links in your social media posts. Many of our top affiliates sell exclusively through social media. However, keep in mind that blog links tend to have more earning potential than social media links because blog content lasts. Blog links can still generate commission for you after you initially publish.

Do I have to disclose when I’m using affiliate links on social media?

You must disclose the commercial relationship between your brand and Breeze on all of your social media posts and/or other non-traditional media posts. Please refer to the specific platforms terms and conditions for more information.

How do I see my commissions?

Once you sign up with Breeze, you will have access to the performance dashboard. You will be able to export reports, monitor traffic, and track your commission 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How will I get paid?

We offer a number of options from automated PayPal payments (our favourite) to bank transfer for larger partners. For more information, please see the terms & conditions.

When will I get paid?

We wait 7 days after a transaction before your commission is secured. We then pay affiliate partners at the end of each working month. Typically by working day 5-6 we will have sent your affiliate commission to you. You can see the status in the payment section when you log in to your account.

Can I speak to someone to find out more?

Yes, please complete an enquiry form if you would like more information or to speak to someone from our Partner team.